PL Risk Expands Continuing Education Classes to Florida

By Drew M. Smith

PL Risk is proud to announce that their CE classes are now being offered in more states. Recently, they have been approved to offer Continuing Education courses in the state of Florida. Their hope is to provide vital education to this very large and valuable market.

The three currently approved courses are:

  • Cyber Insurance: An overview of what it covers, assessments and claims scenarios
  • Avoiding E&O Claims: Identifying key risk areas, claims scenarios and risk management
  • Private Company D&O: An overview of what it is, what it covers and why private companies need it

Mike Smith, president and CEO, is excited about the continued growth. “Being able to expand beyond our program beyond New Jersey is a tremendous step in our future growth. PL Risk is licensed in 42 states and the Florida Market is our second largest.

We at PL Risk are grateful for all the hard work our employees to expand our services.We hope to build on the success of this program and provide courses on more topics in more states soon.

If you would like more information about these courses or would like to schedule a class for your company, please contact:

Mary Salerno
732-908-6648 or
201-847-9165 ext. 123


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