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COVID 19: What You Should Do


Click here to download the Coronavirus Guidelines for America.

With many states and cities on lockdown, there is a panic over the information being released. To combat this misinformation, the CDC and the federal government has released a guideline on how to combat and handle this viral pandemic.

The first and most important step is to practice social distancing. This is the step most companies are doing with sending people home and laying them off. The government has issued the following guidelines:

  • If you feel sick or have an underlying condition or if anyone in your home has the virus, you need to stay away from people and stay home.
  • Keep travel to an absolute minimum unless your job is needed such as the healthcare industry.
  • Practice good hygiene such as washing your hands and covering your mouth when you cough. At home, you should disinfect your surfaces thoroughly and eat healthy.
  • The second step is to provide information. Quickly sharing information is not the same as being correct. Research before you share.
  • Make sure your information is credible before you post or spread this information. Many people could be sickened as a result of misinformation.
  • Be empathetic to those who have it and more importantly those in the medical and food service industries as they are working in high risk conditions.

This is a very scary time in this country. But the steps taken now can prevent the spread of the virus and flatten the so-called curve for cases. Practicing good hygiene can disrupt the virus from taking hold and practicing social  distancing can prevent transmission.

Click here to download the Coronavirus Guidelines for America.