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COVID Exclusions Rising

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As many companies begin to return to the office, insurance carriers have started to write new additions into their policies. Specifically, they are adding wording for COVID and the resulting business interruption that comes from it.

COVID Liability affects industries differently. Healthcare workers on the frontline probably can’t afford to see such exclusions on their health insurance policy, but it might end up on a property policy. When it comes to applying exclusions, they do not normally go onto a policy retroactively. This means that any policy renewals that aren’t changed, will not have the exclusions attached to it. Instead, if you change your carrier, your carrier may have the exclusion built into your new policy. However, some companies are requiring it on renewals in addition to new policies.

We here at PL Risk will not be adding exclusions to a policy if there is a way to avoid. If you can’t avoid this due to the field you are working in, consult your provider to work on whether you need to have coverage for this virus or not.