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Delivery Drivers Will Have Different Risks In Pandemic Environment

Smiling pizza delivery man holding many pizza boxes in a commercial kitchen

As the panic over the Coronavirus continues, many restaurants are being forced to transition to delivery services. Delivery services and take out options such as Grubhub and Doordash to comply with different lockdown orders. While this seems like a lucrative business, from an insurance perspective, these drivers run an additional risk.

On most car insurances, there are your standard coverages, such as replacement cars, paying a technician and accident coverage. One thing that is normally excluded is whether employees are using their cars exclusively for work. This applies to delivery drivers and for those using their vehicles for ride sharing such Uber or Lyft. For delivery drivers, the liability is on their employer to cover them and normally they don’t carry enough in the event of an accident or god forbid an attack on the driver itself. With lockdowns and social distancing, delivery drivers are at increasing risk of accidents and potentially catching the virus. These drivers wouldn’t be covered under their auto policy and as a result might be at an increased risk for the virus.[1]

During this increased time of paranoia, drivers are at increased risk of exposure. Take care to minimize impact as the world seems to grind to a crawl over this virus. Be sure to check your coverages and take steps to protect your employees.