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Minnesota on track to Legalize Cannabis

As more states debate the legalization status of cannabis, Minnesota’s state House passed a bill to legalize it in the state.

Minnesota’s cannabis law, passed in the house 72-61, would have expunged the records of non-violent offenders. When asked to comment, “The war on drugs is a failed policy," said Rep. Ryan Winkler, the bill’s author and House Majority Leader. "The harms caused by current cannabis laws cannot be allowed to continue. Minnesota’s illegal cannabis market creates bad outcomes for everyone. Responsible regulations and safeguards to prevent youth access are a better solution to address the harms our current laws fail to address.”[1]

Despite optimism in the House, there is a very good chance it will stall in the senate before the legislative session ends. Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka had this to say. My main concerns are the unintended consequences of recreational pot, similar to the concerns we all have about tobacco, drinking, or prescription drug abuse. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences. We’re just starting to learn about legalization’s adverse effects in other states like Colorado and Washington. There is no reason to rush this in Minnesota without learning more.”

Minnesota shows the issue with passing laws such as this as there are many opponents in much of the legislatures across the country. Take heed of what cannabis’ legal status in various states are before considering how you conduct business.