State Based Hackers Show Eagerness During Lockdown

Woman in balaclava using laptop in the office

With everyone online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it has opened up attacks by many different malicious actors. This includes the possibilities of state sponsored hackers.

Intelligence officials have determined that with everyone working from home, the increase in success from these hacks are rising. They are exploiting various communication devices such as phones and computers to deceive and phish for personal information. In the worst cases they are also targeting Zoom meetings and other remote video services. In a blog post also published Wednesday, Microsoft executive Rob Lefferts said there had been an uptick in the success rate for hackers. The media was “all COVID-19, all the time,” Lefferts said. “It’s overwhelming and attackers know it. They know many are clicking without looking because stress levels are high and they’re taking advantage of that.”[1] Among their many targets are company VPNs as they rightly believe At Home networks would not be as secure as those in a company environment.

As with anything related to cyber, vigilance is the key to keeping your data secure. Don’t open unknown emails and don’t post personal links or information. As the virus keeps us locked in our homes, hackers are ready to jump at the chance.



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