Reducing EPLI Claims by Boosting Morale

Reducing EPLI Claims by Boosting MoraleAs employers are being faced with more and more accusations of discrimination lately, businesses must address the concerns of Employment Practices Liability and how to prevent these claims. While ensuring they are in compliance with federal and state regulations is critical, not all claims are 100% avoidable. Therefore, the right insurance package to defend your clients’ companies is a necessity. Further, employee morale can have a positive effect on the frequency and severity of these claims.

Individual employee recognition is a proven way to make them feel appreciated and valued. However, this may prove difficult for companies with 50+ employees. Even if it’s done on a small scale, such as via a random email to all employees thanking them for their dedication and hard work, this can significantly improve the morale of the team.

Having a motivated team is beneficial to the business as a whole. For example, many employees understand the weaknesses and the exposures of the company but don’t often feel compelled to share them. Another way to boost morale is to encourage employees to speak up and empower them to have ownership and responsibility over their roles.

It stands to reason that the claims brought forth by the EEOC can be remedied by making each employee feel values and encouraging them to be open about potential threats, wrongdoings, and discrepancies within the business.

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