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PL Risk Advisors Celebrates Its Five-Year Anniversary

PL Risk Advisors Inc (PL Risk) of Franklin Lakes New Jersey is proud to announce it is celebrating its 5th year anniversary in 2019. As the wholesale division Axis Management Group Holdings, Inc, PL Risk has enjoyed tremendous growth and success since its launch in 2014 and has been growing at a..

Professional Liability Concerns for Architects

Professional liability insurance for architects is a type of coverage that can protect an architectural firm and its employees against claims alleging that errors, omissions or negligent acts occurred during the performance of contracted architectural services. Despite the risk of operating..

The E&O Risks of Insurance Agents and Brokers

The very nature of an insurance agent or broker’s job involves managing the risks and exposures of their clients. Despite this knowledge and expertise, they often neglect their own risk management needs. However, insurance agents and brokers may be more at risk of Errors and Omissions (E&O)..

The 6 Most Important Things for Professionals to Know About Professional Liability Insurance

Owning a business can leave your clients open to liabilities in many different ways, and their general liability and property coverages will help cover quite a few of those liabilities. However, there’s a very specific risk associated with the services or products that a business provides that..

Creating a Risk Management Checklist

In today’s litigious society, the pressure is especially high on risk managers to anticipate areas in which professional liability may be a concern and mitigate them properly. A risk management checklist is a helpful tool in any type of project planning, but can be markedly advantageous for..

Understanding Fiduciary Duty

"Fiduciary duty" is a term that describes a relationship between two parties in which one party - designated as the fiduciary - is authorized to act solely in the interest of the other party, known as the principal. The fiduciary owes legal duty to a principal, and should be extremely careful in..

4 Recent Trends in Professional Liability Claims Against Attorneys

Attorneys and lawyers are some of the leading authorities on legal claims, but they are not immune from having legal claims brought against themselves. In fact, professional liability claims, also commonly called malpractice claims, against attorneys have been steadily rising over the past 30..

The Components of a Cyber Risk Management Checklist

Cyber security is an area of risk management where a person or organization can’t be too cautious in mitigating possible exposures. In this current digital age, many businesses and individuals are increasingly reliant on having data and information stored and carried through cyberspace. This..

The Cost of a Wrongful Termination

When an employee is terminated from a job against their wishes, they are likely to be upset about it, even if the employer has justifiable reasons for letting them go. The employee may feel like they have been treated unfairly, or blamed for something that they couldn’t have prevented. Employees..

The Most Common Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Gaps

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors & omissions insurance, is designed to protect individuals and businesses from certain losses they may sustain when providing professional services. These losses may be related to errors and omissions or negligent acts. A variety of different..

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