What are the Components of an Efficient Cyber Policy?

What are the Components of an Efficient Cyber PolicyWhat are the Components of an Efficient Cyber Policy?

When it comes to obtaining cyber liability insurance, business owners need to be aware of just what their policies entail, to ensure that they are getting appropriate coverage. For example, does your client need first-party or third-party liability coverage; or perhaps both? This will depend upon their industry and/or their specific niche market. This is not the only component of an effective cyber policy they should be aware of, however. The following factors are all major contributors to a comprehensive cyber liability policy.

Computer Forensics. Forensic services are often needed when a data breach or hacking occurs. Reason being, forensics is able to look at the digital media and identify, preserve, recover, analyze and present facts and opinions about that information, in order to determine the extent of the breach. Evidence gathered from computer forensics has been used in a variety of high-profile legal cases and is on its way to becoming a widely accepted reliable method of collecting evidence in U.S. courts.

Data Restoration. A vital part of recovering from a breach is being able to restore the data that was lost. An efficient cyber policy should cover costs to replace, upgrade, update, improve or maintain a computer system that was hacked. A cyber policy should be able to make a company “whole” again, in a digital sense.

Business Interruption. When business owners hear the phrase “business interruption,” they may often think of natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods, etc. These occurrences are in fact the main reason for business interruptions, however as businesses increasingly rely on computers and digital storage of essential data, a cyber-breach can certainly lead to a significant business interruption.

The three components mentioned above are just a few of the many factors your clients should keep in mind when reviewing their cyber policy. At PLRisk Advisors, we understand the significant cyber risks faced by business owners. With our comprehensive Privacy and Network Security Insurance, we provide coverage for all classes of business, including hard-to-place risks. Please contact us today to learn more at (855) 403-5982.