Essential Cyber Security Tips

Essential Cyber Security Tips In this digital age, the threat of cyber breaches are real threats to every business owner. What was once a distant danger is now an inevitable reality, so preparing your clients with a comprehensive Privacy and Network Security Insurance program is the first line of defense. Next, share these critical cyber security tips with them.

Antivirus software and spyware are critical. Such software is readily available online from a variety of vendors. All software vendors regularly provide patches and updates to their products to correct security problems and improve functionality. Configure all software to install updates automatically, says U.S. Small Business Administration.

Next, your clients should secure their networks with encrypted passwords and firewall protections. Be sure the Wi-Fi is password protected and secured. Next, establish security practices to prevent employees from breaking the rules and putting the company at risk. Sensitive data and personal identifiable information should be secured first!

Ensure all employees have their own passwords for authorized computers. This will moderate who has access to confidential information, and passwords should be changed frequently with multi-step authentication processes to secure the data correctly.

Last but not least, mobile devices can create significant security and management challenges, especially if they hold confidential information or can access the corporate network. Require users to password protect their devices, encrypt their data, and install security apps to prevent criminals from stealing information while the phone is on public networks, says the article.

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