Can Privacy and Network Security Breaches Be Prevented?

Can Privacy and Network Security Breaches Be PreventedCan Privacy and Network Security Breaches Be Prevented?

In the past decade, and even more in the past year, businesses nationwide have been made aware of the damage that a data breach, or Privacy and Network Security breaches, brings. In addition to losing valuable information, and losing money due to loss of customers and business, these companies also suffer from reputation loss. While the right Privacy and Network Security insurance policy can protect you and/or your clients from the financial loss after a data breach occurs, naturally most companies would prefer to not have a data breach occur in the first place. The good news is, according to insurance experts, is that many of these privacy and network security breaches can be prevented.

Experts from recommend that the first step companies should take in preventing a data breach is to institute end user security awareness. This means training company insiders and creating a more security-minded culture within the workplace. Doing so will help eliminate mistakes that could lead to a breach. It will also help employees notice odd behavior by malicious insiders.

Creating a data encryption process is another way to potentially limit the risks and prevent a privacy and network security breach. According to an article, laptop theft was the number one cause of data breaches as of 2009, however there are only four states that require disclosure if that data is not encrypted.

In addition to instituting end user security awareness and creating a data encryption process, business organizations should perform regular vulnerability assessments. Most companies only do this once a quarter, however experts recommend that this be a weekly practice. Companies should reportedly perform vulnerability scans against every system in their network, both internal and external.

Additional methods of preventing a potentially devastating privacy and network security breach include applying comprehensive patching, employing insider behavior monitoring, and implementing a remote data backup service. At PLRisk Advisors, our Privacy and Network Security Coverage is the solution to helping your customer manage and protect against risk. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 403-5982.


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