Privacy & Network Security Insurance: Why Cyber Crimes Happen

Privacy & Network Security Insurance: Why Cyber Crimes HappenPrivacy & Network Security Insurance: Why Cyber Crimes Happen


Cyber-crimes are a looming threat to business. Below are the top reasons why cyber-crime rates are rising and why it is a good idea to recommend Privacy & Network Security and Commercial Crime insurance to your clients.

Negligence. A large amount of cyber-crime is caused by negligence. Accessing private company data on a public network such as a coffee shop, losing a company device, storing data without protecting it or failing to follow proper security protocol are all examples of negligent behavior that opens the door to cyber-crime.

Complexity of codes. Operating systems all have codes that can be decoded or manipulated to gain access to the system. In addition, the average employee has multiple passwords they use to access their accounts. Using easy passwords or never changing them makes it easier for cyber-criminals to target.

Confidential information. Data from security firms, data bases, financial information and client data is stored online in networks. While it makes it easily accessible and more organized for companies to utilize, going paperless also increases your risk.

Lack of evidence. Another cause of increasing cyber-crime is the difficulty or lack of evidence to prosecute the criminal by law. There are a myriad of ways that cyber criminals can hid their trail and without solid physical evidence, they can’t be tried in a court of law.

New type of crime. Cyber-crime is a new frontier. It is still relatively unknown and hackers are emerging every day with new tactics, strategies and various crimes. It is extremely difficult to safeguard against criminal activity that keeps rapidly reinventing itself.

Accessibility to victims. Businesses use online networks because it is paperless, saves time and money and the internet makes it easy to connect with consumers, clients and co-workers across the office, nation or globe. But that accessibility also comes with a price. The sheer numbers of people online allow criminals to target business without being physically present. And because it is a difficult environment to police, it makes it even harder for businesses to recover funds after being hit by cyber criminals.

Privacy & network security insurance is a must for small and large firms to protect against this widespread exposures. PLRisk Advisors’ Privacy & Network Security Insurance coverage is the solution to helping your customers manage and protect against risk. Contact us today for more information. (855) 403-5982


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