Professional Liability: Essential for Business Even When Cutting Costs

Professional Liability Programs: Essential for Business Even When Cutting Costs

Professional liability is essential for business owners

Professional liability programs such as Errors & Omissions, Directors & Officers, and Employment Practices Liability insurance are essential coverages for business owners to have. Yet, they sometimes end up on the chopping block during stringent times when workers are looking to cut costs.

SmartBusiness reviewed why it is essential to keep your insurance and not compromise on coverage. Businesses naturally want to save money, increase profits, and keep their employees happy and healthy. Lowering insurance coverages can expose your company to greater risk from a claim.

Furthermore, many business owners expose their company and themselves to greater risk from a claim, and it can also expose companies to possible lawsuits. For example, if a company experiences a claim they aren’t fully covered for, and it was a result of coverage that had been cut, shareholders or claimants could sue the company for negligence.

Finally, many business owners may refrain from getting proper coverage in a down economy. But in a tough economy, Employment Practices Liability and Directors & Officers insurance become vital. A tough economy can cause inevitable workforce reduction- there is always potential that someone will sue for discrimination, wrongful termination, or other reasons.

Difficult times can force business owners to make difficult decisions that may expose them to additional liabilities. One survey by a national carrier found that 30 percent of business owners will likely reduce their workforce in today’s tough economy. An additional 20 percent thought they might be forced to outsource job functions to reduce overall business costs. But in the long run, not obtaining the proper professional liability coverages could cost your clients significantly more in the long run.

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