Professional Liability: Nonprofit Risks

Professional Liability Nonprofit RisksProfessional Liability: Nonprofit Risks

Many clients are unaware that their nonprofit needs a specialized insurance program that covers their specialized risks. Or they may even be unaware that their exposures are different from for-profit organizations. Here are some risks nonprofits face and why specialized coverage is necessary for your clients.

Most for-profit companies consider a comprehensive risk assessment to be a critical part of their overall risk management process. But for nonprofits, it can often fall by the wayside. They may not understand the benefits, lack resources or think they already understand their risk profile.

A great many nonprofits rely on partnerships to conduct their mission. This can be partnerships with businesses, other organizations, government boards, celebrities, donors, community leaders, corporations and even partnerships with their volunteers. While these partnerships and community relationships are a valuable, integral asset to a nonprofit’s mission, they are also an exposure that if not accounted for, represents serious risk to your clients operations.

And, with the multimedia world we live in, the exposures for nonprofits are exponentially greater. Not having a social media policy or monitoring your online presence could lead to misuse. Third party partners or community leaders could make missteps that affect your organization. Volunteers that are so essential to your operation are also operational risks. Hosting community events, lobbying and political activity and fundraising parties also all open up liabilities and exposures.

Nonprofits face a unique set of risks and exposures that are different from traditional for-profit operations. Clients should have a comprehensive insurance program that reflects that.

PLRisk Advisors offers a suite of professional liability programs that meet the needs of nonprofits. PLRisk Advisors provides Directors & Officers insurance specifically designed for the exposures faced by nonprofit companies. Contact us today for more information.


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