What to Watch for Against Cyber Crime

What to Watch for Against Cyber CrimeWhat to Watch for Against Cyber Crime

The new mobility smartphones and almost constant Wi-Fi access give business owners is a double edged sword. Its high convenience and easy accessibility also makes us more susceptible to hackers. And in a business world where many companies rely on wireless and mobile communication for their business, cyber crime is a serious threat. Here are some tips compiled from CBS news on how to avoid cyber crime.

Email. When using public kiosks to check email, make sure no one is watching when you enter your login information- it’s an easy way for someone to steal credentials. Public kiosks in particular are hacking targets and might be infected with malware that records keystrokes. Do not log into bank accounts or other confidential websites form shared computers and don’t type anything you wouldn't want to see reproduced elsewhere.

Finance. NEVER conduct any financial transactions, including online banking or purchases over a wireless network. Your account information or credit card data can be compromised easily. Even when on a secure network, work with your employees and IT team to develop a system with checks and balances for all large transactions to make sure no mistakes or hackings occur.

General.  Always be cautious when logging into a Wi-Fi network. Make sure you are logging into a legitimate sponsored network. Turn off your Bluetooth feature when you aren't using it- hackers can use it to access your laptop, tablets, and mobile phones. And when using social media, always be cautious about the amount of information you are disseminating.

With online banking and financial transactions and widespread use of the Internet, one click of a button and a company’s business assets can easily be the target of criminal activity. PLRisk Advisors can provide you with the right Commercial Crime insurance coverage you need for your clients.

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