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Cyber Trends in 2020

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As the year begins to wind down and the number of cyber crimes continue to escalate, many industry analysts are predicting what may happen in the coming year. And it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. According to researchers, there is a cyber-attack every 39 seconds and analysts fear that number will get worse.

Among the many trends that have been predicted, a few of them are listed below:

  • Increased in expenditures in Cyber security: As more breaches happen, many companies have begun to increase their spending on their security infrastructure and cyber insurance. This is only going to increase in the coming year.
  • Small Businesses will still be valuable targets: Hackers have realized that the small business owners are easier than big companies to hack. But with legislation like GDPR, many will have their eyes open for just how much damage they could do.
  • Increased training: As a result of the many breaches, it’s expected that many companies will invest in training their employees as they would be the first line of defense against these risks.

The new year has many worrying cyber trends and threats. But proper preparation and investment can ease these worries heading into the new decade.