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FBI Gives Warning Against Smart Device Hacking

people in consumer electronics  retail store looking at latest laptop, television and photo camera to buy-1With many people buying various devices this Christmas season, the FBI has released a warning concerning smart devices and how they can pose privacy and security threats. The FBI has revealed that hackers have figured out ways to hack into smart devices and directly tap into people’s homes.

According to the FBI, some of the biggest at-risk devices include the following:

  • Smart TVs and their various devices: These TVs collect data over time in order to make it simpler for you to search and use the device or even stream. This data collection is a gold mine for hackers because they can glean the information from the data collected and create phishing scams. Or even worse, hackers can steal the credit card information and use it to commit fraud.
  • Cameras: Many remote access devices have cameras which can be hacked and used the same way as the TVs. The fact that many TVs also have these cameras make them double the concern when it comes to stealing your data if they aren’t secured.

As part of the recommendations, the FBI suggest that people treat these devices as if they were their valuable phones. You should always pay attention to device settings and privacy policies. If you get a computer with a camera, put tape or a privacy cover over it when not in use. They also suggest not relying on default security settings and change your passwords frequently.