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Predictions for Cyber for 2021 Paint a Grim Future


With 2020 in the rearview mirror, 2021 in cyber related news will paint a similar and bleaker future. Experts are predicting as the COVID pandemic continues and more people work from home, more security breaches will occur.

According experts asked by ITWorldCanada, while they talked about what could impact the Canadian population, their concerns can apply to everyone. Among the concerns brought up:

  • Public Sectors struggling against ransomware: With breaches against the US government making the headlines, many local governments will have issues. Because of the perceived low hanging fruit, many local and county governments have already been hit and will continue to be targeted.
  • Shoring up weaknesses from remote working: When companies went full remote, it opened up businesses to breaches due to lessening of security on home networks.
  • Lack of Multifactor Authentication: Many breaches were the lack of a MFA process, the process to add a second code to confirm one’s identity. This will continue until more people realize that this simple step can cut off most breaches before they happen.
  • Increase in Data Protection: More companies will put effort into protection their employees and customers data as new regulations go into effect and high-profile breaches occur.
  • Phishing and Identity Fraud: There will be more attempts at phishing and ID fraud. The amounts lost from the extortion will climb into 8 and even 9 digits.[1]

As people continue to work from home, cyber attacks will continue to happen. Be sure to review your cyber breach procedures for when they happen.

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