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Securing Your Own Devices

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As many people continue to work from home, many employees have no idea that the computers they have under their companies Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is covered under a general cyber policy.

With many people working for home, employees have had to use different devices than what their companies expected. The use of different devices can lead to problems as devices not connected to your work server won’t have the same virus or filtering programs as a dedicated server. Many companies have set up their own BYOD programs, where laptops and phones are set up with the same antivirus and server protocols to prevent a security breach. As offices open-up, it becomes important for them to not only secure these devices but to also sanitize them as they are entering two different environments.

When it comes to covering such devices, these fall under a cyber policy where the client must ask for it. In these trying times, many providers have put these coverages in for no additional cost, when normally they would be an exclusion from the policy. Be sure to talk with your insurance provider about what to include in your coverage and how BYOD’s can affect your working environment.