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COVID Workplace Rules Raise Biometric Safety Concerns

November 16, 2020

As people begin to return to a modified work schedule, concerns have been raised over to the security of the health details that companies require..

Cannabis Industry Wins Big on Election Night

November 4, 2020

While everyone was focusing on the presidential election, in some states, the cannabis industry scored major victories as multiple states had been..

Hospitals Facing Ransomware Amid COVID

November 2, 2020

Amid the COVID pandemic and surge in cases, multiple US hospitals are facing another crisis in the form of cyber-attacks. Being the valuable..

California Orders Uber and Lyft to Pay their Drivers Under State Law

October 27, 2020

In a surprising move, the State of California has ruled that the ride sharing services, Uber and Lyft must comply with state law AB5 and classify..

North Carolina Restaurants See COVID Payouts

October 23, 2020

In a move that is bound to see more similar rulings, a North Carolina judge ruled that COVID does mean a physical loss, a ruling that paves the..

US Treasury Department Warns Companies Paying Cyber Ransom Could Violate OFAC Rules

October 19, 2020

In an advisory posted October 1st, the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) issued a notice that any businesses that..

High Profile Hacks Reveal the Extent of Cyber Damage

October 5, 2020

In the last week, two high profile hacks highlighted the damage that a cyber hack can do to a business that can harm thousands of people not even..

Survey Reveals Supply Issues, Fears of a Massive Attack

September 29, 2020

The COVID pandemic has forced everyone into going completely remote, relying on less secure servers and entry points, resulting in many cyber..

California Passes COVID Employee Protection Laws

September 25, 2020

To protect workers going forward from monetary losses as a result of COVID, Governor Gary Newsom has signed two pieces of legislation into law.