Facial Recognition Database Breached

Police who have used facial recognition software for their criminal investigations now have justified concerns after one of the many companies that handles such data revealed their database was hacked but not breached.

Mike Smith Named Top Specialist Broker in IBA Magazine

Mike Smith, CEO of Axis Insurance Services was named Top Specialist Broker by Insurance Business America in their January 2020 issue. 

NFL Twitter Hack Calls for Better Protection Online

As the build up for Super Bowl 54 was in full swing, on the cyber front, over half of the NFL’s twitter feeds were hacked by a Saudi hacker. These groups simply used a keystroke reader to essentially hack the passwords to their twitter accounts. This allowed them to vandalize their pages and..

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China Revealed as Culprit Behind Equifax Breach

The United States Federal Government announced the surprise filing of cybercrime charges against four Chinese military officials on Monday. These charges stem from the federal investigation into the Equifax Breach in 2017.

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Ashley Madison Still Feels Sting 5 Years After Breach

Five years after one of the highest profile hacks, Ashley Madison users continue to face hardships when it comes to securing their information online.

PL Risk Advisors Welcomes New Employee


PL Risk Advisors is pleased to announce the hiring of Linda Caswell as Policy Review Specialist. 

Texas Law Mandates Notifications

In Texas, companies are now more responsible for handling and reporting cyber breaches that have occurred to instate as of January 1st.

Cyber Trends in 2020

As the year begins to wind down and the number of cyber crimes continue to escalate, many industry analysts are predicting what may happen in the coming year. And it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. According to researchers, there is a cyber-attack every 39 seconds and analysts fear that number..

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FBI Gives Warning Against Smart Device Hacking

With many people buying various devices this Christmas season, the FBI has released a warning concerning smart devices and how they can pose privacy and security threats. The FBI has revealed that hackers have figured out ways to hack into smart devices and directly tap into people’s homes.

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Cannabis Worries for 2020

As the year begins to wind down, many dispensaries are worried about the year ahead. With many walls in front of them, they are looking at uncertainty moving forward.

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