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Texas expands Medical Cannabis legality

May 5, 2021

Texas has taken more steps in legalizing their medical cannabis industry by expanding the number of conditions that could qualify for it.

Florida Passes COVID Liability Law

April 7, 2021

As COVID liability cases begin to make their ways through the courts, states have begun to pass legislation on who is liable for the damages. In..

New York Reaches Deal To Legalize Cannabis

March 31, 2021

With neighbor state New Jersey beginning to set up their own cannabis markets, New York legislators have established a framework to pass the..

Cannabis Legality In The US

March 15, 2021

As more states begin to legalize Cannabis in different ways, there are some questions as to what constitutes legal when it comes to Cannabis and..

Market Conditions Expected to Harden Across the Board

January 19, 2021

2021 is shaping up to be an another very hard market for the insurance industry, with expected rate increases across the board, especially in..

Predictions for Cyber for 2021 Paint a Grim Future

January 8, 2021

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, 2021 in cyber related news will paint a similar and bleaker future. Experts are predicting as the COVID pandemic..

Insurance Trends to Watch For in 2021

December 21, 2020

As the year ends and with many insurance companies hit hard by the global COVID pandemic, many in the insurance industry are looking at how this..

Aurora Cannabis Inc, Faces US Class Action Lawsuit

December 7, 2020

Aurora Cannabis Inc, a cannabis company based out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada is now facing a class action lawsuit filed on the behalf of..

Zoom Scams Increase as Lockdowns Continue

December 2, 2020

With lockdowns and holidays looming ahead, many hackers are starting to take advantage and introducing many scams to the already chaotic..