Securing Your Own Devices

As many people continue to work from home, many employees have no idea that the computers they have under their companies Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is covered under a general cyber policy.

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Phishing on the Rise According to Google

In the chaos of COVID and the opening of businesses, the threat of malicious actors has only increased as Google has revealed that they sent over 1700 alerts on such activity in April alone.

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COVID Changes How Businesses Operate

Many states have begun to open up and ease restrictions on moving throughout their territory, however the economic and personal damage will reverberate through the labor market for a very long time to come.

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Javier Gonzalez to Participate on IBANY EPLI Panel

Javier Gonzalez, Partner/Executive VP of Sales at PL Risk Advisors will participate on IBANY's EPLI webinar. The EPLI market place is rapidly changing and has overnight become a very hard market to place business in. The webinar will discuss what insurance agents and brokers need to be aware of..

Property and Casualty Insurers Concerned about PRIA

As COVID induced closures begin to ease, Congress has begun drafting legislation to help prevent losses in the future from illness related catastrophes.  The Pandemic Risk Insurance Act, or PRIA, is designed to work and act like the terrorism related TRIA.

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Insurance Scams on the Rise with Covid-19

With COVID-19 keeping people indoors and off unsecured servers, the number of malicious scams have gone up in frequency and in number of cases. One of the most common trends in recent times has been scams relating to insurance fraud.

Getting Back to Work: Steps Needed to Reopen Your Business

With the Coronavirus still ravaging the world, there are some states that have decided to allow some of their businesses to reopen to hopefully restart an economy that has all but gone to a halt. But there are inherent risks to this and there are procedures that must be adhered to even consider..

Delivery Scams Skyrocket in the Face of COVID-19

The Coronavirus has turned the likes of Amazon, UPS, Doordash and other delivery services into the vital industry that poses great risk to their employees. But there is an underlying threat to all of this, and it involves malicious actors.

Privacy Concerns in the Age of COVID-19

With many people forced into their homes and forced to work online, the eternal question on how to keep their  information secure has reared its displeasing head. With more people working from home, hackers have easier targets to steal from.

Insurance Companies Facing Class Action Lawsuits

As more and more claims are filed against insurance companies for the sudden business interruptions, many are being denied under the tense that a closure as a result of the COVID-19 crisis was not considered to be as such.

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